Internet Archive BookReader. ANSI B Safety Code for Conveyors, Cableways, and Related Equipment. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. issuance as American National Standard B on February 17, procedures are published in ANSI Z (R) (Safety Requirements. Guideline falls under ASME/ANSI. BSafety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment. Equipment Not Covered. This Application Guideline does.

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Proper foot stands and hand holds shall be provided for’ two men ‘on; the.

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Chain Conveyor, Any type of conveyor in which one ansi b20.1 more chains act as the conveying anei. If ropes are changed before the above conditions are reached, they may ansi b20.1 turned end-for-end t if the worn places do not fall again at a point of wear.

Such devices must ansi b20.1 designed to quickly shut off the electric power or dis- connect the- conveyor or drive parts qnsi the motive power in the event of overload. The bulk material is conveyed and elevated H en masse” in a substantially continuous stream with a full cross-section ansi b20.1 the casing. Rock Mechanics Symposium and 5th U.

References Other Codes and Standards are cited. National Bureau of Standards W. The hoist operator should be located so that he can see the hoist and also the working ‘area of the cableway.

Cableway, Slack Line or B201. Line Excavator, A cable supported system in which the supporting cable is adjusted in length to provide the lifting functions of the unit. Warnings may also be required.

Sales Development Section, Sturtevant Div. These members shall be arranged so that ansi b20.1 are carried concentrically and so that no eccentric load can be applied to them or to the track cable connections by virtue of failure or nonoperation of any joint bearing in the track system. Gates and switches ansi b20.1 to be designed to prevent conveyed materials from discharging into open areas.

Ansi b20.1 Mining Institute of America G. ansii

Full text of “ANSI B Safety Code for Conveyors, Cableways, and Related Equipment”

Anwi, Fisher Road, Jenkintown, Pa. This code is designed as a basis for safety codes and as a guide for state authorities in the formulation of state safety rules and regulations. Pressure systems operated nasi constant volume, variable pressure positive type blowers shall be equipped with a relief valve, on or adjacent to the blower.

If it is not practical to cover the troughs or boxes, other guards shall be provided. Goad, The Ansi b20.1 Corp. Some pan conveyors have also been known b200.1 apron conveyors. A series ansi b20.1 wheels ansi b20.1 in a frame over which packages or objects are moved manually, by force of gravity or by power.

Gaskets holding line pressures shall be so shielded that a. Bulk material is elevated in the buckets and moved horizontally by their acting as flights. Bucket Elevator, A conveyor consisting of an ansi b20.1 belt, chain or chains, or other linkage, to which buckets ansi b20.1 attached for carrying materials, and which operates in vertical or inclined paths, Carrousel Conveyor, A continuous platform or series of spaced platforms which move in a circular path. Advanced search Show search help.

Any regulations that apply only to a specific type of conveyor will be given in Part II – Speci- fic Safety B20.11.

Form of ajsi, self-feeding, inclined bucket elevator for loading ansi b20.1 materials into cars, trucks or other conveyances. The area around these devices should be absi free of obstructions to permit ready access to them and a clear view of them ansi b20.1 all times. Section, Industry Control Qept, Gen. Wire rope guys should never be used in contact with, earth but if absolutely necessary, then double the ultimate strength of the backstay should ansi b20.1 provided, together with anticorrosion protection in the form of grease, tar, etc.

National Fire Protection Assoc. Introduction The use of conveyors has reduced accidents.

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Section 5 Definitions General Definition Conveyor, A horizontal, inclined, or vertical device for moving or transporting bulk materials, packages, objects, or passengers in a path predetermined by the ansi b20.1 of the device, and having points of loading or discharge fixed or selective; included are skip ansi b20.1, and vertical reciprocating conveyors; typical exceptions are those devices known as industrial trucks, tractors and trailers, tiering machines, cranes, hoists.

Ansi b20.1 does not apply to “integral machine transfer devices”. Pivoted Bucket Conveyor, A series of buckets pivotally mounted between two endless chains which operate in hori- zontal, vertical, and inclined paths. Such developed power,’ should. Shay, Zurich Insurance Co. Research, Mathews Conveyor Co. The brake shall not be. Proceedings of an International Conference Submersible Technology: Any ansi b20.1 set forth in this ‘code 1 shall not be construed as supplanting any regu- lation for ‘.

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Webb, Chairman Hi Anso. Schultz Siebert Engineers, Inc. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Ansi b20.1 form of portable drag chain, belt or b20. conveyor which, can be placed either beneath or over the ansi b20.1 for the purpose of unloading bulk materials from hopper bottom cars. Slack carriers ‘for loose or broken parts, and, to see that the ansi b20.1 rollers turn freely and are well oiled. Sollcnberger, Executive Vice Bres.

Section 11 Prime Movers and Controls ,’.

Ansi b20.1 rope carriers are used to prevent the weight of the hauling rope itself causing ansi b20.1 tension to overhaul ; the load carrier or fall block. Any type ansi b20.1 transportable conveyor usually mounted on mobile supports. American Institute of Architects, R. Brotherton, Bay State Milling Co. This bed will not b20. required at such places where other provisions are made to prevent person- nel from coming in contact with or crossing the conveyor.