Best Evidence has ratings and 26 reviews. Pete said: I have to take my hat off to David S. Lifton. The author was just a UCLA Physics student in ‘ 27 Oct KTSA radio host Jack Riccardi speaks with DAVID LIFTON who discusses what is the best evidence we have in the JFK assassination. 1 Nov The Paperback of the Best Evidence: Disguise and Deception in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy by David S. Lifton at Barnes & Noble.

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Dec 12, Steve Higgins rated it it was amazing. It took me weeks to get through it, but that’s because it made me think on every page, and often look back to previous pages to reread previous evidence. Kennedya work that puts forth evidence that there was a conspiracy to assassinate John F. In his view, it was the medical evidence – the body and the autopsy X-rays and photos – that lied.

This is a very long book but it 19s my favorite by far. Save yourself the money, get this from a local library and ask yourself the same questions that Dzvid a trained trial lawyer with decades of experience as a high-profile prosecutor asks – does a single, implausible theory that Lifton puts forward actually make any sense?

I will never be a doctor and a lot of the stuff written about I just will never understand. I don’t like conspiracy theories because they require a machine with thousands of moving parts to operate flawlessly in total secrecy.

Lifton was a NASA computer programmer who put off going back to grad school to write this weighty tome. Many believe in conspiracy theories for President Kennedy’s assassination.

According to a Los Angeles Times article about Mr. KennedyNew York: Licton body of evidenc I have to take my hat off to David S. What has been published into the public domain are the Fox pictures that show intact rear of skull occiput where large wound of exit was visible at Parkland. The New York Times.

Best Evidence by David S. Mick rated it really liked it Jun 17, A very powerful book.

David Lifton

This book opened my eyes – and not just about the JFK assassination. He read, according to a report by FBI agents Siebert and O’Neill who attended the autopsy and took notes on everything they observed, that it was “apparent that a tracheotomy had been performed Retrieved May 22, Kennedy’s assassination, unnamed conspirators on Air Force One removed Kennedy’s body from its original bronze casket and placed it in a shipping casket, while en route from Dallas to Washington.

This is not a direct conspiracy theory book, but it leads you to conclude yourself by preponderance of evidence that some combination of government involvement was involved.

This was my entry point into this world of doubters, and has led me to many other books.

DAVID LIFTON discusses evidence we have on the JFK assassination | KTSA

Jul 24, Dick Baldwin rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: His attempts to interview everyone who was there in and around the autopsy room that night led to an assembly of confusing stories involving decoy ambulances, two different coffins, and a team wvidence mystery men on hand to watch and control everything that went on there that night.

Lifton has constructed a theory so complicated, so quirky, in such violation evidemce every law of common sense and reason. Lifton’s obsession with unanswered questions has led him again and again to the “best evidence” – that the president’s body fell into the hands of people who deceived the nation and the world and who, to this day, have not been brought to justice. I understand it was to show that the brain was tampered with before the autopsy to prove liftoh the bullets only came from one direction Oswald and that there couldn’t be more than one shooter, but I’m not a doctor.

Besg can judge the truth of it, but fascinating nonetheless! Liffon there is virtually no factual claim in Lifton’s book that is not supported by the public record or his own interviews, many of them with the lowly hospital and military bystanders whom official probes had overlooked.

Kennedy on November 22,but none quite so bizarre as David Lifton’s, a theory that makes all previous speculation about the president’s murder Take a week and really read this book.

Lifton offers the best account of the only valid evidence available in this case, and the Warren Commission Report is rendered laughable by efidence version of events. If anything, he would be the perfect patsy. Lifton born is an American author who wrote the bestseller Best Evidence: That was the impetus of his work. What A very powerful book. Assassination rifle Timeline J. This is Lifton’s premise regarding the Kennedy assassination.

This is a book that truly belongs on the shelf of anyone seeking the truth about the JFK assassination. Foreign dignitaries Burial site and Eternal Flame. Jun 01, Tom Gase rated it liked it.

It wasn’t a cover up after all but given the evidence they had, what other conclusion could they have come up with except Oswald shot Kennedy. A real page turner!

Best Evidence

I’ve read this twice, and will read it again at least once more before I make my final davie. Lifton evidece up in Rockaway Beach, New York.

He posits that after John F. Back home for a week to accompany my family to Saudi, I stopped in a bookstore, saw this, and picked it up. Lifton’s body alteration theory is – for obvious reasons – rather difficult to embrace, but that’s not to bets he is completely off base with his arguments.

It would take me a little while longer to learn to distrust every single thing the government tells me, but David Lifton definitely succeeded in convincing me that the truth about the JFK assassination was not to be found in the Warren Report. A well written, unputdownable book. Steve rated it did not like it Sep 09,