Framax. The Doka frame formwork Framax is the ideal frame formwork for large- area forming using the crane. The exceptionally high load capacity and long. The Doka Framax Xlife system is a heavy duty clamp system with a long lifespan that is perfect for large area wall forming. with Framax Xlife universal panels. 94 with Framax outside corners and Framax. Xlife panels. Doka column formwork platform /90cm. Circular.

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About Wall formwork Framax Xlife. The damaged area is routed out with a special router bit doka framax a plastic patch applied for a seamless finish. The Framax stripping corner I was designed specifically for use with shaft formwork. doka framax

The multi-function clamp has an adjustment range up to 6″ 15 cmwhich matches exactly the steps in panel widths. You can amend your cookie settings at any time using the cookie tramax link in the page footer.

They also help to ensure the safe use doka framax our website. Doka framax can be used for both walls and stop-ends. These include country and language settings.

Framax Xlife wall form panels Modular and symmetrical panels ensure the best possible utilization of formwork. I consent to the use of cookies by this website for analyses and personalised content. These items cannot frmaax sold in Belgium. They also help to ensure the doka framax use of our website.

This is the doka framax to avoid costly field-built solutions.

3 Doka Framax-Scharnierecke 60 x 90 cm

The special surface of the Framax Xlife panels produces an excellent concrete finish, not just the first time, but again and again and again. This helps us to guarantee the best possible performance doka framax our website, especially. This makes it possible to place self-compacting concrete SCC by pumping doka framax into the formwork from below. This enables preferred feamax to be made available to you again when you revisit the website.

Framed formwork Framax Xlife – Doka

Further information Yes, I agree You can find more information on the use of cookies and opt-out options in our privacy statement. Doka-Framax Clamp System Framax Xlife is the ideal heavy duty clamp system for large-area gang-forming. Horizontal stacking with only a few standard panels thanks to square-shaped basic element. The doka framax can even be cleaned with high doka framax washers. Framax Xlife panel C: On the extra-large panels, the form-tie nuts are bolted onto the doka framax profile.

Can be used in the wall or bulkhead forms.

Can be lifted complete with the column formwork platform. Social The use of social media cookies doia applications allows advertising that is suitable for you to be displayed on corresponding platforms.

Pay by bank transfer within 3 days. Brochures Doka Framax Brochure.

Framed formwork Alu-Framax Xlife

Fast Working thanks to optimized design. Adjacent panels doka framax be at different elevations because of the frame profile.

A used industrial equipment broker doka framax auctioneer. This ergonomically comfortable option for manipulating the frajax from just one side of the formwork saves time, and thus shortens the forming-times.

Reinforced holes in the panel frames allow for strong structural connections for bulkhead forming. The x Framax Xlife panels provide a tie spacing of 20 sq. Straight comparison shows that Wall formwork Framax Xlife nails much doka framax than conventional formwork panels.