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View Perpu_Nomor_2_Tahun_ tentang from LAW 1 at 20 pages PERDA KOTA DEPOK THN NO 02 TTG PERUBAHAN KEDUA ATAS . Unfortunately, House’s intention to reform seems to not exist on the final draft of the MD3 Law. On 10 July , the House of Representatives held a Plenary These are the Bill on Soil and Water Conservation (RUU Konservasi Monitoring dan Evaluasi Pelaksanaan UU Ormas Tahun ke-V (2 Juli. Some say that the bill was initially drafted to limit the actions of fundamentalist On 12 April , women from FAMM-Indonesia joined a protest rally in Surabaya, East “Hati-hati kembalinya militerisme di balik ruu ormas!.

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The organization and the public will be informed of the dissolution. This data reflects a serious problem in the field.

As mentioned earlier, the Draftt National Legislation Program for includes at least five bills closely related to the legal environment for civil society in Indonesia. Indonesia needs a more enabling legal framework to strengthen the CSO sector.

Finally, the Court may dissolve a societal organization that follows, develops, and promotes Communism or Marxism-Leninism. Such a regulatory approach is not likely to lead to a healthy and strong civic sector in Indonesia. On May 30,the Special Committee conducted a meeting with the Government. Tinggalkan Balasan Batalkan balasan Your email address will not be published.

Many women friends support us by participating in our discussions, online and offline. Registration of a Foundation, where input from another institution dfaft not needed: Such unfettered power undermines the rule of law and is reminiscent of the authoritarian New Order regime.

For example, CSOs should be more aware of taxation issues and the availability of tax incentives.

There are undoubtedly more than 21, foundations and incorporated associations in Indonesia; this reveals not only a problem of registration or an incomplete database, but also a problem of the effectiveness of law. The Special Committee in the Parliament currently has the opportunity to improve the legal framework.

It would be politically difficult for the Special Committee to shift the focus from one Bill to another, because it would mean a shift in liaising with a different ministry. Public support may come in the form of a reward, program, donation, or operational support. As mentioned above, the government can also dissolve organizations that fail to comply with the Law after June 18, Three issues deserve highlighting. An update on subsequent developments appears at the end. Approval from the Minister, giving the legal entity status to the Foundation.

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In analyzing the new Bill on Societal Organizations, this article will refer to the published draft Bill provided by the Parliament dated May 30, in the series of public hearings conducted in June The organization and the public will be informed of the suspension. The societal organization, introduced by the Law No.

Instead, the Bill seems to rest on the original premise of control. The possibility that government may act to dissolve organizations directly poses a substantial threat to the freedom of association in Indonesia. Overly onerous demands such as submitting work-plans, organizational statutes and disclosure of funding sources are a breach of the right to the freedom of association and will be felt most acutely by mutual interest groups, informal networks, community-based organizations and social movements.

Before suspending a societal organization, the government must send a written warning at least twice within 10 days to the administrator, local administrator, or central administrator of the organization. Laws that govern associations and their activities must be aligned with international human rights norms and standards.

This means that craft period of House of Representatives have only one session left, which will be held from 16 August until 30 September Specifically, the draft Bill states that to optimize its role and function, a societal organization may integrate itself into an umbrella organization. Through the Law, the House has extended its authority without providing tuu for supervision. Tax deductions for dravt to support disaster rehabilitation, research and development, improved infrastructure, education facility, and sports have been available drart FAMM-Indonesia also makes the most of social media.

A broadly sweeping and highly politicized legal status, as represented by the societal organization, is clearly not suitable for a democratic country like Indonesia. Foundations are regulated by Law No. This position, however, was not accepted following discussion in the Special Committee. Attempting to replace the law of the same name, the new version grants the government new powers to disband organizations and monitor foreign associations more closely.

Legislation during the House of Representatives Final Period. While the law and regulations governing foundations in Indonesia are comprehensive and up to date, the same is not the case for associations.

Foundations receiving donations from the state, foreign parties, or other third parties in the amount of million IDR or more, or that possess assets other than endowed assets of over 20 billion IDR, must be audited by a public accountant and have an abridged version of their financial report published in an Indonesian-language daily newspaper. Invoking the Pancasila or the Constitution renders any group susceptible to crackdowns or operational challenges in such a precarious environment.

Instead of vesting regulatory authority with the MoHA, it would be better to assign the Ministry of Law and Human Rights to handle the registration of foundations and associations.

Statutory purposes contains the objectives, basic values, working environment, and other provisions of the associations.

LRWD Edition 23 : July 2014

No later than 14 days from the time the response of the government institution is received by the Minister. In doing so, the MK has prevented itself from possible complications in the future, where every political party who has lost in parliament goes to the MK. In addition, the importance of political stability was emphasized by President Soeharto in his State Address on August 16, The liberties of association and drzft, the freedom of thought expressed verbally or in writing, and similar rights are to be determined by law.

The laws in many countries provide for a special status for CSOs — a public benefit or charitable status, for example — but with this status come fiscal ormax, usually in the form of tax exemptions. The foundation is clearly defined by the Law on Foundations as a non-membership organization, while the societal organization is defined as a membership-based organization.

Regarding the Bill on Plantations, it was not included in the Prolegnas since it was a follow-up of a Constitutional Court Decision.