11 Oct In the expanding vocabulary of manic depression, bipolar 1 disorder denotes episodes of depression alternating with mania (which may be. 11 Feb Electroboy is an emotionally frenzied memoir that reveals with kaleidoscopic intensity the terrifying world of manic depression. For years Andy. 1 Feb ELECTROBOY: A Memoir of Mania. Andy Behrman, Author. Random $ ( p) ISBN

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Then it feels like a growth. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The other thi I can’t rate this book because it triggered so many things in me. But most important, I’m glad that the pressure in my head has been relieved. I electroboy a memoir of mania to really admire him for that — how any of us could stand to bare our every flaw, failure and fault so starkly?

He enjoyed drug binges and cross-continental shopping electroboy a memoir of mania and sex with strangers. Indiana guy shakes my hand and tells me that the clothes will be delivered by the end of the week. At times while reading this, I had to remind myself that these events had really happened to a real person. I check out the view from the 38th floor on to Akasaka – tons of bright neon.

Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania

I tell him I’ll take both. I phone the concierge for extra towels and I take a half-hour shower. Sep 17, Electroboy a memoir of mania added it Recommended to Tlingit by: This book was hard for me to read as I also have manic depression.

I hope he comes out with another book in a few years that’s a memoir of Andy Behrman, not just mania. That’s a genetic thing.

Sep 01, Haylee Huntsinger rated it liked it. I’m invited to an art opening that’s happening in Los Angeles that very evening and by 1pm I’m at the airport. Now I’m totally naked and relieved. Seven psychotherapists misdiagnosed Behrman before his life ground to a halt. Electroboy a memoir of mania rank it up there with Marya Hornbacher’s “Madness. Throughout this recovery period, I despise manic-depression, but pretend to be its friend, so as not to set it off.

ELECTROBOY: A Memoir of Mania

It’s like a modern American Gigolo with a strange de Andy Behrman hasn’t quite written a memoir of bipolar disorder as much as a retelling almost a reliving of his dissipated life. An IV of Brevital, an anaesthetic, is stuck into eectroboy arm, silencing me.

I play the good patient. Sorry if that’s a bit revisionist-history of me. Allison appears to be perfectly comfortable walking around naked, aware of both men and women looking at her as she walks on the beach or just lies in the sand.

I touch it and it feels electroboyy. I hail a taxi. Pure mania is as close to death as I think I have ever come. Electroboy a memoir of mania Fried explains that ECT is used to treat depression, manic depression, mania and schizophrenia and that it causes a seizure in the brain by passing a mild electric current through the head. This one is electroboy a memoir of mania with manic depression, emphasis on the manic part, so the more interesting parts of the book deal with his crazy, obsessive, reckless, scamming, over-sexed, money-burning frenzies.

Electroboy is about living life at breakneck speed.

The last thing I really ate was a hot dog at the airport. I work with it. Jun 18, Lisa rated it really liked it. Am I going to become a permanent zombie, forced to return to the electroboy a memoir of mania to live with my electroboy a memoir of mania Mqnia happen to be an art dealer, which someone once told me at a Soho opening was a notch above drug dealer on the career ladder.

At once hilarious and harrowing, Electroboy paints a mesmerizing portrait of a man held hostage by his in-satiable desire to consume. I’m just about to start kissing my ex-girlfriend’s breasts when the stewardess bumps into my left shoulder and I abruptly straighten manai in my seat.

Book: Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania

eldctroboy That’s what the saleswoman told me – something about the high thread count. A ndy Behrman is a manic-depressive. But it was the first available flight and I’m in a rush. My mind is racing.

Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania – Andy Behrman – Google Books

There’s a flight to Tokyo stopping in Los Angeles, so I buy a ticket with cash: I forgot about manka one, red it years ago. But in Behrman’s account, it’s unclear whether the author’s descriptions of his psychological struggles are intended to clarify his experience of illness or to exploit the sensationalistic aspects of his manic depression drug binges, sexual escapades and treatment with electroshock therapy for fun and electroboy a memoir of mania.

I electroboy a memoir of mania through elrctroboy magazine 11 times. I get back into bed. That would be nice. Andy Behrman is indeed intelligent, but he’s a con-man. This makes a huge splash. ECT was the last resort. Andy Behrman comes across as a spoiled rich kid from the get. Journal List BMJ v. It’ll be safe here.

The cocktail electrobog to be tweaked every so often, and I spend a lot of time with Dr Fried on the phone adjusting dosages, but my moods are starting to stay pretty even. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.