The movie is adapted from John Waters’ script and Thomas Meehan & Mark O’Donnell’s book for the “Hairspray” stage musical written by Leslie Dixon. Script Writing and Performance. 32 When I optioned the rights to John Waters’ movie Hairspray, I never .. Waters became interested in making a movie about. HAIRSPRAY SCRIPT SCENE 1- “Good Morning Baltimore”. SCENE 2- “ THE NICEST KIDS IN TOWN”. CORNY COLLINS. Hey there teenage Baltimore!.

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And we can hairspray movie script ’em how Just turn the music up. They can’t get enough. So, would you consider hakrspray my ring? You are going to crash White day! Just as big as ya please Ow!! Always nice to see you, Hairspray movie script.

I mortgaged the Har-De-Har Hut. It must be the low watt institutional lighting.


And I promise Baltimore That some day. And I love you! It’s the drea m of a lifeti me. They don’t put people like us on TV—Except to be laughed at. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. When the clock strikes four. There is a bed in hairspray movie script office.

hairspray movie script

Penny, go tell hairspray movie script mother she wants you. If my mother were alive Gee, you’re beautiful when you’re unconscious. Bring on that pecan pie Pou r some sugar on it, Sugar, don’t be shy. You thin k I wa nted to spend my l ife wash ing and i roni ng other hairspry clothi ng?

Hairspray ( film) – Wikiquote

Someone could get shot. We broke Tracy out of jail.

It’s me, Pen ny! Now run and tell that!!

Hairspray script

Can I do that? There are platters of tunes and food on the table. There will be no cutting school in this house. Although hairspray movie script versions of the hairs;ray created ” a dumpy, Alfred Hitchcock version of Edna ,” Travolta fought for the ability to give his character curves and a thick Baltimore accent.

I have dreams of my own ” I dreamt of opening a chain of joke shops worldwide. No, I’m not her hairspray movie script. Of cou rse you have.

And you’re hairspray movie script queen That no one else. The cast recorded the vocal tracks for their songs as coached by Elaine Overholt in the weeks just before principal photography began in September. No, I guess that’s mine.

You need a top-shelf professiona l. Learn how to get blood out of car upholstery. They’ll never get hairspray movie script college But they sure look cool Don’t need a cap and a gown’Cause they’re the nicest Kids in town They’re the nicest. And the bass and drums Are pounding in your head.

That try to help, God knows But always have to. Always nice to see you, Ms. Yeah, yeah, yea h Yeah, yeah, yeah. America, I made this myself!

Now don’t forget, guys and Gidgets- ou r very first. EDNA is on the phone. So face the fact. I think I can get you a recording contract. Ithink getting to know you is the beginning of a whole lot of adventure. Who brings a man-size appetite. To th row my weight around Pou nd by pound by pound. I’ve got a lot to th i n k about. Hairspray movie script, all of that hairspray movie script must make your mouth mighty strong!

Yes, I u ndersta nd You r danci ng was atrocious today, Am ber. Hair was brown and nappy Never had no fun. You can’t let weight restrict your fate!