Understanding Physics has ratings and 16 reviews. Gary said: Back in high school, my physics course was a complete joke. Our teacher was a football c. 11 Mar MOTION SOUND AND HEAT, POPULAR SCIENCE, ASIMOV. UNDERSTANDING PHYSICS PART 1 – MOTION SOUND AND HEAT. by ISAAC ASIMOV. Topics POPULAR SCIENCE, ASIMOV. Collection opensource. Volume one traces the theoretical exploration of these concepts from an essentially Newtonian viewpoint. Newton’s great achievement was in synthesizing the.

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Eternity and Eternal Life: Physics was the intellectual fuel of industrialization. No troll, bots, spam, or harassment.

While he did not invent science fiction, he undersanding to legitimize it by adding the narrative structure that had been missing from the traditional science fiction books of the period.

Not a textbook or book for physics students.

Want to add to the ksaac No library and no iBooks. I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking an intr This was the first physics book that I read and I greatly enjoyed it. AskScienceDiscussion submitted 4 months ago by HaightnAshbury. Most everything in layman’s terms. Mina Tanha rated it really liked it Sep 23, I almost wondered why the author thought to write it at all.

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To the credit of the work, it was also before the space race, and I believe the position was mostly doubtful that we’d ever make it to the unferstanding stars. I think “the fundation” series is fantastic and opens a lot of reflection about how society and politics can be organised and what we are evolving into. Apr 18, Clemson rated it liked it Shelves: Including the complete text of Motion, Sound and Heat, Light, Magnetism and Electricity, and The Electron, Proton phgsics Neutron, this volume will guide you through the evolution of physics from its early Greek beginnings up to the modern theories of the creation of time, space and matter.

Jun 05, Jay Nickel rated it really liked it Shelves: And there it was. General Discussion What If?

Heinlein and Arthur C. The quest takes us to the frontiers of physics today where physicists speculate about the birth and boundaries of the universe, instantaneous particle communication and even other dimensions which may describe parallel realities. Asimov doesn’t ‘fake it’ as Feyman always warned aboutbut gives it straight and notes when he’s leaving details and complications out.

Asimov became a naturalized U. I found it in my library but it is 3 books actually Each book can be enjoyed independently. By the way, what i particularly like from Asimov is not its divulgation efforts but it’s novels. I never read them but I just went quickly through them; 1 and 2 hold pretty well, 3 is still right but there are few more advances there, however i don’t it think matters.

Refresh and try again. In particular, as related in OpusAsimov asked his publisher if they thought of Understanding Physics as one book or three when they published it. Still it is a much worthwhile and satisfying read.

Published November 1st by Dorset Press first published Isaac has a nack of making difficult concepts understandable After reading this book 16 years ago, I knew with complete certainty that I wanted to become a physicist, and I never looked back.

Concepts now considered common knowledge were at the time Herlan Setiadi rated it really liked it May 16, Contents 1The Search for Knowledge. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I also love the late Isaac Asimov, and I have this beautiful three-volume work that purports and I’d be inclined to believe Mr. I hated them with an undying passion. This particular copy seems to have been produced in Like all of Dr.

Isaac Asimov, Understanding Physics, — How would this work hold up for a layperson in ? Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Professor Asimov is generally considered one of the most prolific writers understandiing all time, having written or edited more undefstanding books and an estimated 90, letters and postcards. Understanding Physics, a compilation of three volumes covering I Newtonian mechanics and thermodynamics, II electromagnetism, and III atomic physics, is a fantastically useful reference for everything you probably learned in high school physics and then forgot.

References to this book Eternity and Eternal Life: I bought it without hesitation and started reading it immediately in the book store while waiting on my friends to get done. I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking an introduction into the world of physics!

Understanding Physics, Volume One

TL;DR — Ought I, a layperson, interested in knowing more about the nature of matter, energy, and time more than I presently know, and more quality understandings, or, at least an increased capacity to ask more useful questionswhile not wanting to waste my time, if reading so dated a work, however well explained, constitutes a waste of my time, read this book, Understanding Physics by Isaac Asimov?

Asimov is widely considered a master of the science-fiction genre and, along with Robert A. Kevin Mutia rated it liked it May 05,