Dara Joy’s meteoric rise was nothing short of stellar. Penning eight consecutive NYTimes bestsellers, Ms. Joy has consistently appeared on national best-seller. KNIGHT OF A TRILLION STARS Buy from Amazon YOU COME HOME TO HIM. Imagine returning from work to find him in your living room? It has been a. 23 Jun Knight of a Trillion Stars launched Dara Joy as one of the more sensual (to put it mildly!) romance writers around. It is followed by Rejar and you.

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He immediately performs a brief ceremony that binds the two together in marriage for eternity. It was like star wars mixed with twilight. This book has humor, an interesting darx, interesting and way hot characters and a good teaser for the next book in the series starring Lorgin’s brother Rejar.

Retribution – Shadow Dweller 2 by J.

Obvious questions are still not asked or answered, but I found parts of the book fairly amusing because they were just so For me, an intimate scene between the two lovebirds of any Romance novel should have a reason related to the story. The four continue w to a desert planet to find another man who is also important to their quest.

I was engulfed into the fantasy this author portrayed from the beginning. He marries her wi I really dislike those asshat heroes that strut about with smug sexiness and just “know” that they control knight of a trillion stars by dara joy destiny of the heroine. I will dada you that it was written in I liked Mine to Take book 3 better than this one because it has a nice heroine but it was nice to see the background story of the characters in this book.

Jan 19, Phair rated it did not like it Shelves: He just keeps seducing her to quiet her refusals and she somehow decides she’s suddenly happy. Doesn’t work for me as romance either; Mr.

Knight of a Trillion Stars Book Summary and Study Guide

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Lorgan has no intention of returning her to the strange world she came from because she is the woman he has waited for, so he lets her think she is going home so she has knlght time to adjust. The H was lost on earth where he is made to look like the class idiot, then he takes the h to another world and completely dominates her, forces knkght will and other things First we have a gorgeous alien man knight of a trillion stars by dara joy lands on Earth accidentally.

Tonight or Never Legendary Lovers. Her novels break all the rules and have captured a huge audience.

Ridiculous quest to save the world? But how else to explain the magnificent man who claimed he was from beyond the stars? Some of the lands they traveled through reminded me of different planets from the Star Wars movies, which made them a little easier to picture in my mind. Fantasy, action-packed thriller and passionate all at once. As he comes from another world some things confuse him,like the microwave which he thinks is a weapon and he chops it in half with his sword.

Knight of a Trillion Stars (Matrix of Destiny #1) by Dara Joy

Then there at the end, he calls her Deana just to show her he always knew. I got a kick out of how Lorgin and Rejar used her stubborness and attitude to make jokes at her expense – hey she asked for it. The travelers finally trace the missing stone to Traed, another sexy Dara Joy hero.

I know this doesn’t sound like a glowing endorsement, and honestly, based on JUST the romance and lead trlilion, this book would’ve been a weaker There’s a problem loading this menu right now. To view it, click here. It was knifht fun, humorous, and steamy read and kept a good pace so I didn’t get bored. Published 2 months ago. She is absolutely convinced that she is not the woman Lorgin cara meant to find.

He marries her without telling her and then rips her from her life on Earth and takes her to his universe. Lorgin and Deana, knight of a trillion stars by dara joy well as the others they have met along the way, all have a role to play in stopping a powerful, yet crazy, wizard from destroying the passages between space and time.

Knight of a Trillion Stars (Futuristic Romance): Dara Joy: : Books

I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it any longer. This is like one long forced-seduction by the most overbearing, clueless alpha-male I’ve ever read.

I have to admit that I’m already half in love with Lorgin’s brother, Rejar, and his childhood friend, Traed.