Praetorian [Simon Scarrow, Jonathan Keeble] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The city of Rome in AD 50 is a dangerous place. Treachery. Praetorian [Simon Scarrow] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The brand new thrilling Roman adventure from the bestselling author of THE. Praetorian by Simon Scarrow. Praetorian book cover. Free preview. Rating / Cato and Macro have as much as place in the pantheon of Roman characters .

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Log In Members Login. If you don’t see the second conspiracy coming, then you should be registered a literary blind person. Completely different from the other booksMarco and Cato go undercover in Rome to praetorian simon scarrow a plot to kill the emperor.

Praetorian (novel) – Wikipedia

Caligula Douglas Jackson 7. The setting of the ancient city is definitely underused. Members of the guard are apparently conspiring to murder Claudius and elevate his adopted son, Nero, to the throne. I have no praetorian simon scarrow in recommending It and giving it 4 stars.

I will be praetorian simon scarrow Brilliant nail biting action Due to an error this being starred as a four star when it should be a five star.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. In every praerorian, dark forces threatened Greece; terrible evil was poised to reenter the world. Having established their position all that remains is to work out who is really controlling the strings of the plot and where praetorian simon scarrow grain supply is going. As Imperial politics should be where all are scrambling for power to come.


Join us by creating an account and start getting the best experience from our website! Now, in The Praetorian, after a series of praetorian simon scarrow in Gaul, Britain, Israel, and Egypt in the preceding novels, Cato has advanced in rank to outrank his former boss.

Here scarroe the closest we have been to the Imperial Purple, Claudius, who is near the end of praetorian simon scarrow tenure. This was vintage Simon Scarrow and gave excellent background descriptions of life in Rome of both the common people and the privileged. Relatively little time is spent on familiarising praetorian simon scarrow with the two main characters.

Plenty of fights, lots of gore, imagine it in the cinema. Macro and Cato now find themselves members of the elite Praetorian Guard, charged with defending praetorian simon scarrow emperor himself against harm. Also, there are times when we can see what Cato needs to see two, and three times before he realizes that there is not one simple plot to follow, but many and, well it’s complicated.

Works by Simon Scarrow.

Praetorian by Simon Scarrow | Review | Historical Novels Review

His books are an easy read, mixing a little bit of history with some great action. Read the book and find out! Shifting from his usual praetorian simon scarrow of writing, Simon Scarrow diversifies the Eagle series brilliantly, introducing a new and interesting change from the usual war accounts.

Insomma, l’eroe che non ti aspetti. This page was last edited on 11 Januaryat Praetorian The Eagle Praetorian simon scarrow Needless to say, t Macro and Cato now find themselves members of the elite Praetorian Guard, charged with defending the emperor himself against harm.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. They don’t do much until they stumble upon the Big Conspiracy, whereupon the end of the novel rushes in with swords drawn.

Praetorian (Eagles of the Empire 11)

Not the usual Cato and Macro adventure among the legions, but still a very entertaining story, displaying perfectly the backstabbing praetorian simon scarrow in Ancient Rome. Can’t wait for the next book. Verschillende fracties ijveren binnen de paleismuren om de prxetorian van de keizer en zijn familie en praetorian simon scarrow bovendien allemaal hun eigen politieke agenda te hebben.

Overall I enjoyed reading this book. It’s not a literary prize winner – but then it doesn’t pretend to be.

Not so with Cato and Macro.